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5 Git Tools You Must Use Today

21 July, 2019 · Git

In this article I’ll list 5 git tools that you must use today. Hub Hub is my favourite tool and I use it a lot. If you use GitHub to store…

Automate Git With Hooks And Husky

01 May, 2019 · Git

Git provides an interface to run some code as reaction on specific triggers. Those triggers are called githooks (hooks used by git). You can…

Git Stash

12 July, 2018 · Git

Sometimes you have uncommited changes and you need to switch to another branch. Here is where is very handy. Basic Usage When switching…

Add Specific Lines With Git Patch

07 October, 2017 · Git

You know that adds files to index. But did do you know that it can add specific lines of files? Or even add files, ignoring their contents…

Getting Schwifty With Pull Requests

01 October, 2017 · Git

Once I was working on a big feature. Everything was going fine until I got carried away and started to commit everything in one branch…