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Hey, Nice To Meet You!

My name is Maksim Ivanov, I’m 28 years old and have a dog and two cats and I’m addicted to programming.

First thing that I developed was a small game about a mouse trapped inside a maze. I’m not sure if that project could be qualified as a game, because there really was no way to win it, you could only fall into a trap or catch a bullet and the level would start over.😅.

During my school years I used to help my classmates with our computer science classes . And in my spare time I developed small flash games.

When it was time to select a university I chose the one that was closest to my mother’s house. It was State Marine Technical University. At that moment, I was already working as a programmer in a small team developing casual games for social networks. As I wasn’t really interested in getting a degree – I would often skip classes and as a result I dropped out during my third year of education.

It didn’t upset me, because I was finally able to focus on programming and building my software development career.

Since then I worked in several great companies, met lots of amazing people and developed all kinds of software from browser and mobile games, to web applications and video streaming services.

Today I would love to help you with your programming career.

In this blog I share tips, tricks and useful tutorials on modern frontend technologies.

You can find me on twitter or github

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