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Pure Functions And Side Effects

10 March, 2019 · Programming

In computer programming pure function is a function that satisfies two conditions: It is deterministic, which means that for any given input…

Open/Closed Principle - SOLID

13 November, 2017 · Programming

OCP states that software entities (classes, modules, functions) should be open for extension, but closed for modification. Let’s figure out…

Don't Mock What You Don't Own

11 November, 2017 · Programming

I was refactoring specs of some Rails application when I decided to mock the class of CarierWave. I wanted to be able to check for specific…

Liskov Substitution Principle - SOLID

10 November, 2017 · Programming

In 1988 Barbara Liskov wrote something that now stands for L in SOLID principles. Let’s dive in and learn what is it and how does it relate…